Pressurized Hybrid Tanks (PHEV)

Hybrid vehicles combine the benefits of both worlds : a thermal motor for the road and an electric motor for the city. The plug-in hybrids (PHEV) push this limit by increasing the electric autonomy. As petrol is volatile, the consequence is an increase in pressure in the tank. The difficulty here is to know how to handle this pressure/vacuum on the plastic material without distorting the tank.

With the help of big chemical companies, our HyPe® solution, developed in 2014, is the only one in the world to make monolayer blowers compatible with pressurized tanks. 

Those tanks are therefore simpler and much less expensive than competing solutions requiring complex multilayer blowers and many added parts.

The Renault Group trusts us, its first hybrid vehicles being equipped with our technology. 


Benefits of the RM Technologies’ HyPe® solution :

- Tank simplicity
- Development cost savings
- Component gain
- Process gain
- Increased overall competitiveness
- Ease of recycling

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